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The largest city in the Northeast and capital of Bahia, Salvador attracts tourists for its beautiful beaches, historic buildings and welcoming and lively population.

At Salvador’s parties, it is possible to see many people having fun and dancing to the joy of popular songs. Afro culture is also present. The capital is also the center of Afro-Brazilian culture and has vast traditions that took place over time.

Discover the city of Salvador

The city was born as a protagonist of the country: in 1549 it was declared the first capital of Brazil. Of course, the location was strategic for Europeans – but there is no doubt that the natural beauty also conquered the seafarers. It is still difficult not to be impressed by the landscape of the northern beaches, such as Itapuã, immortalized by Dorival Caymmi, Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho, or even the central shore, where Praia da Barra is famous for its lighthouse. More than nature, man made Salvador a special place, in the beauty of historic buildings, museums, gastronomy and hospitality.