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Many tourists choose to walk on public roads (streets and squares) in the cities where they visit, in order to get a closer look at the customs of the local population. This experience is always healthy, but requires attention and care.


– Avoid gold chains and sporting expensive jewelry and don’t display large amounts of money.

– Avoid top-of-the-line cell phones. And be discreet in use. Hand pulling and running is the favorite sport of young offenders.

– Do not walk alone in alleys, alleys and deserted places and beware of unknown people who approach you.

– In restaurants, do not hang bags, cameras… on chairs or place them on the floor.

– Keep valuables always in direct contact.

– Do not reveal your personal data to unknown people, even if they are any travel companions.

– When paying by credit card, don’t let it out of your sight.

– Demand that it be handled in your presence and securely check the seller’s receipt.

– Avoid carrying a passport. Keep it safe. Keep it safe in the hotel safe. If necessary, leave with a copy of your passport. In case of loss, theft or robbery, report it immediately to the local police.

– During transfers, travel closely and uninterruptedly with your luggage. Use large, colorful tags that allow easy identification of your bags at conveyor belts or delivery counters.

– Try to change money only at exchange offices or authorized banks.

– Whether on board a plane or inside a bus, do not neglect your hand luggage. Ditto for purses, wallets or packages that should not be on display in places open to the public, without proper surveillance.

– On buses with few passengers, prefer to be close to the driver or conductor.

– If you carry a laptop or notebook, don’t neglect it while buying a snack, visiting a store or making a phone call. the assailants accompany the victim and, at the slightest sign of inattention, exchange the suitcase with the notebook for a fake suitcase, containing magazines or a brick inside to simulate the weight of the equipment. Most people don’t notice the theft until much later.

– If you have children, the alert is doubled.